26 Aug 2011

Location, location, location.....

Last week I took my lampshades out and about with me so that I could get some different shots of them. I am interested in how they can be perceived differently depending on the location that they are set in. It was really good fun taking the pictures and chatting to the passers by that couldn't help but stop for a nosey.

11 Aug 2011


I have just noticed that I am featured on Pinterest


Check out the link to see some of the other exhibitors featured on there. It was really nice to read that I was described as one of the 'top future inspired picks' from the New Designers Exhibtion this year.

Featuring on AVA Books Blog.....

At New Designers Exhibition in London I was approached by AVA Books and I am now feautured on their blog. Check out my student profile by clicking on the link http://blog.avabooks.com/?p=1883

1 Aug 2011

Getting ready for my next project.....

I have been collecting beer cans for my next project and now I have three black bags full I thought it was about time I started to clean and prepare them. I have spent the evening outside washing them out so they are ready to work with. That is the worst part over..... thankfully