4 Dec 2011

Knitting and Stitching Shows Graduate Showcase

The last of the Knitting and Stitching Shows is now over...... boo hoo. I had a great time in London, Dublin and Harrogate and is thankful to everybody that stopped to speak to me or bought something from me whether it be something big or small. I am extremely grateful to the Embroiderers' Guild for selecting me to be part of the Graduate Showcase. It was an amazing experience! Now that the shows are over I am looking forward to starting my next project and putting all of my effort into my MA in Textiles.



Some of the brooches I was selling

26 Aug 2011

Location, location, location.....

Last week I took my lampshades out and about with me so that I could get some different shots of them. I am interested in how they can be perceived differently depending on the location that they are set in. It was really good fun taking the pictures and chatting to the passers by that couldn't help but stop for a nosey.

11 Aug 2011


I have just noticed that I am featured on Pinterest


Check out the link to see some of the other exhibitors featured on there. It was really nice to read that I was described as one of the 'top future inspired picks' from the New Designers Exhibtion this year.

Featuring on AVA Books Blog.....

At New Designers Exhibition in London I was approached by AVA Books and I am now feautured on their blog. Check out my student profile by clicking on the link http://blog.avabooks.com/?p=1883

1 Aug 2011

Getting ready for my next project.....

I have been collecting beer cans for my next project and now I have three black bags full I thought it was about time I started to clean and prepare them. I have spent the evening outside washing them out so they are ready to work with. That is the worst part over..... thankfully

26 Jul 2011

Transforming Beer Cans

These cans were like mini samples for me. I played around on smaller surface areas and then returned the can to its original state which was far more fun than keeping them flat.

21 Jul 2011

Exciting News.....

After exhibiting this year at New Designers in London I was spotted by The Embroiderers Guild and have been selected to to take part in The Knitting and Stitching Show - Graduate Showcase in London, Dublin and Harrogate. These shows take place in October and November of this year and so I have a lot of work to do to get ready for it! Better get started........

17 Jul 2011

'I heard it in the news'

As part of my final degree show as well as making lampshades I made a table. You can't see the table clearly on my degree show pictures and I have not had my table photographed professionally yet. So I have put up a few pictures I have quickly taken myself so you can have a closer look. This table is based on stories that I have read in the media regarding alcohol abuse and is named 'I heard it in the news'.

Bolton News

Here I am proudly appearing in the Bolton News after they had taken my picture at the open evening of my degree show.


15 Jul 2011

New Designers 2011

I had a great time at New Designers this year and enjoyed speaking to people about my work. I received interest from various galleries and shops as well as the embroiders guild which was very encouraging. 

Degree Show

After many late nights in my studio, blood, sweat and tears..... my degree show is finally up.

13 Jul 2011

Working towards my final degree show

Intrigued by the overwhelming amount of stories regarding alcohol abuse communicated in the media has led me to evaluate the society we live in. By illustrating the media’s representations as well as academic theories and personal experiences, my artwork inevitably contains narrative. The used cans also communicate ideas of recycling and what we perceive as worthless or waste, transformed and given new life and meaning.

To achieve an inventive and contemporary means of communication, I have experimented with textile techniques including print and embroidery in combination with processes such as sanding and punching on a non textile surface.

Using the original colour in the cans, translucent metal paints as well as embroidery threads I have created an innovative marriage of colour. After months of drawing and sampling I am pleased to introduce my lampshades which are made completely from beer cans.

I started off by making a simple lampshade to see how the cans would behave and then moved on to a more difficult shape.

Taking a last look at my lampshade before I attached the tassles.

Here are my tassles. These tassles are made from beer cans too... in fact they contain around 5400 individually hand punched pieces of beer can which are then sewn together. I am still amazed that my punch did not break whilst making these tassles!! 

Finally the tassles are attached! Please ignore the mess in my studio :-)

Bradford Textiles Society Design Competition

Earlier this year I entered the Bradford Design Competition and won First Prize as well as the Premier Vision Award. I have uploaded some of my design development for this competition as well as final samples. Working with beer cans was a new thing for me and since winning these awards I have developed this idea further. Me and the cans get along much better these day with fewer broken needles and cuts!

14 Mar 2011

Aluminium Car Art

I am experimenting with using beer cans as a surface for my textiles designs. I have been on google to see what other people have made using beer cans and found these little cars. 

Cans Cars Art Work of Recycled Aluminum

Cans Cars Art Work of Recycled Aluminum

Tord Boontje - Kean Street Installation

Kean Street, Installations, Studio Tord Boontje

Kean Street, Installations, Studio Tord Boontje

Kean Street, Installations, Studio Tord Boontje

Tord Boontje - Garland

A long metal garland of flowers that can be wrapped around a light bulb..

Garland, Lights, Studio Tord Boontje

Garland, Lights, Studio Tord Boontje

20 Feb 2011

Grayson Perry - Manchester Art Gallery

These vases touch on identity, class and politics. I love the clever way in which messages are portrayed in these vases. The seductive vases on closer inspection contain narratives which refer to darker issues. These chronicles of the modern world are portrayed using wit, sentiment, nostalgia, fear or anger.