13 Jul 2011

Working towards my final degree show

Intrigued by the overwhelming amount of stories regarding alcohol abuse communicated in the media has led me to evaluate the society we live in. By illustrating the media’s representations as well as academic theories and personal experiences, my artwork inevitably contains narrative. The used cans also communicate ideas of recycling and what we perceive as worthless or waste, transformed and given new life and meaning.

To achieve an inventive and contemporary means of communication, I have experimented with textile techniques including print and embroidery in combination with processes such as sanding and punching on a non textile surface.

Using the original colour in the cans, translucent metal paints as well as embroidery threads I have created an innovative marriage of colour. After months of drawing and sampling I am pleased to introduce my lampshades which are made completely from beer cans.

I started off by making a simple lampshade to see how the cans would behave and then moved on to a more difficult shape.

Taking a last look at my lampshade before I attached the tassles.

Here are my tassles. These tassles are made from beer cans too... in fact they contain around 5400 individually hand punched pieces of beer can which are then sewn together. I am still amazed that my punch did not break whilst making these tassles!! 

Finally the tassles are attached! Please ignore the mess in my studio :-)

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