14 May 2014

I'm still alive and sewing!

The last two years of my life have been a bit of a whirlwind! I have been engaged, married, bought a house and had a baby - in that order. With all of this going on, my passion, embroidery took a bit of a back seat. 

My baby Samuel was born at the beginning of this year and now he is four months old I have a few hours back to myself in the evenings. I have not yet had a full night's sleep since he was born but my body has now adjusted (as much as it ever will anyway). You realise what a precious commodity time is when you have a baby and the speed at which you can get things done increases tenfold. It is almost like a little game every day to see how much you can actually do while the baby sleeps. I have found this is far more appealing than actually sleeping myself! 

Now we have decorated the baby's bedroom and our own bedroom the next step is to get a studio space for myself. I was originally planning on using the third bedroom - the box room, as this was already kitted out like an office. Having unpacked all of my arty farty stuff in there, I was just not feeling the love for this space. I have now decided that the second half of my garage would make a much more suitable space. However, the conversion is quite a big project! I am planning on having a velux window in the roof and I need a lot of the electrics moving around and a bigger sink fitted! Obviously this all costs money and so it won't be done over night but I am aiming for September. I am starting off by clearing it out! I wonder how many naps it will take for me to get this done? I will keep you updated with the progress!

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