4 Aug 2016

MA Textiles

During my last year of university I started to think more and more about doing an MA in Textiles. I took part in the Research Conference at my university which was a challenge that I enjoyed. I recognised a personal and professional development at BA level which I would like to continue at MA level. I feel that completing an MA in Textiles would help me to expand my knowledge and allow me to progress in a new and innovative direction. I feel that I would benefit greatly from a higher level of education, conceptually and personally.

I would like to continue to explore old processes in a new way and make use of facilities such as the print room, library and archives as well as taking full advantage of the feedback and guidance from staff and students.

I am intrigued by the things that I hear and read as well as the things I see. The desire for my work to be meaningful influences the things that interest and astound me which in turn influence the way I work. I am interested in social issues and the way in which they are portrayed in the media. This has meant that my work has contained narrative and has made me think about the way in which people perceive things and think about the way I draw. Drawing more figuratively and carrying out market research on people’s perceptions has been invaluable to me and this is something that I would like to do more of.

By trying to manipulate stereotypical notions and changing a viewer’s perception of an object or the order in which their mind registers what their eyes see is something I am keen to develop in the future. At MA level I would like to investigate these ideas further and look into recycling other materials/objects. Perhaps by looking at things that are not currently recycled or are not efficiently recycled and continue to use and develop skills that I already have in an innovative way.

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