5 Oct 2016


I started my MA @ UCLan this year. Eeeek. Really excited to get back to doing some of my own work. I have put together this visual mind map to gather my thoughts and initial areas of interest to find a starting point.

I am increasingly interested in our relationship to the objects that surround us. Whether they are special because of who gave them to us, how much they cost, who they used to belong to, their visual appeal or because of the memories they old. Do the things we own say more about us than we think? Why is it difficult to let go of certain objects. We live in a time where consumerism is so much of a problem that it impacts our environment, yet accumulation is vast. This conveyer belt of belongings is never ending and the hierarchy is constantly changing. It becomes inevitable that some of our once prized possessions get relegated to the bin. Perhaps the item made it into a photograph and this jogs your memory and reminds you that it once belonged to you. But where do we think all this does stuff goes? It certainly doesn't drop off the edge of the earth after the bin lorry has been round. In fact many items will remain on the earth for much longer than we will. 


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