28 Oct 2016

In a drawer that doesn't often see the light of day....

There is something about old things that I just love. What makes them so appealing? The fact that you stumble upon them by chance and cross paths incidentally makes them all the more appealing. These objects happen to belong to someone that I haven't ever met but who shares my surname, my married name, that is my grandfather in law. I have listened to so many stories over the years but these objects feel like evidence of his existence. They tell a tale of his life, of the places he went, of the things he chose to keep and numerous diaries. One of which includes what he was doing the day I was born.

Evidence of the marks the hands have left on them, the wear and tear, the rust, the smell, the dust. When I look at these objects I do not think of them as being mass produced. Although they certainly weren't unique they seem to have regained value in the hierarchy of objects for their They now feel like gems, like treasure. Someone was sentimental (or lazy) enough to not discard of these objects. Unlikely to have been used for a number of years they seem to have bypassed the bin thus regaining there status. As now they aren't one of many but one of few.

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