3 Nov 2016

Lauren DiCioccio

I love the work of Lauren DiCioccio especially the collection "Who Can I Turn To (When Nobody Needs Me)". For me, it represents all the objects that become obsolete and abandoned over time. By recreating them and embroidering them, Lauren gives them a new dimension, she makes invaluable objects valuable as well as bringing obsolete objects back into the forefront of our mind and reminds us of their existence. I love how these ordinary objects have become so enchanting.


The loose threads are appealing for a few reason. Firstly, the fact that they let you identify what the medium is. They look so good, I can imagine that they could be misidentified from a distance. Secondly, the shift away from perfection, knots tied and embroidery looking as good from the back as it does at the front. These pieces move away from tradition and have their own perfection.

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