26 Nov 2016

Rust Dyeing

When a rust dyeing workshop became available I was quite pleased as I had never tried this before. My intrigue stems partly from the fact that rust is a naturally occurring chemical reaction and also because it is permanent. I was really pleased with how easy this process was and also how cheap it was! After a rummage in my garage, I found a handful of rusty things and experimented with a few pieces of fabric; old curtains and shirts that were lay dormant. The results, although intriguing, I wasn't quite sure where I could make use of them or how to develop the sample further. Maybe some embroidery?

I came across the work of Alice Fox which I love. I love the progressive nature of the work, how it changes with time and constantly looks different. Alice uses found objects in her work which add to the narrative and give an element of mystery and wonder when you try and imagine what they were once part of or who's hand had touched them. I also love how she has thought and purposefully placed the objects within the fabric to encourage a certain outcome.

Alice Fox 25 Beer Bootle Tops:
Beer Bottle Tops

Alice Fox rust diaries (detail):
Safety Pin

Alice Fox 76 Hair Grips1:
Hair grips

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