2 Dec 2016

Marl Powell - Old Envelopes

I'm not sure why but I just love old envelopes. It's always great to receive a letter especially ones with stamps on - because it usually isn't a bill! There is something about the way the stamps are placed by the an individual that makes them unique. The actual stamp may indicate a particular moment in time as well as the handwriting on the envelope. I like the way Mark has used the envelopes, some opened out, some closed and unused. The creases of the paper become part of the work and they sort of blend in to the older creased faces he often features. The finished/unfinished work that flows off the page, enables you to imagine the rest of the image and fill in the blanks. The biro pen is an interesting medium as it doesn't allow for corrections and every mark made remain and becomes part of the finished piece. Biro is not often a medium I use, as I like to make corrections and find it hard to live with stray lines but I do like the idea of the full process being documented. 

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