9 Nov 2016

Textile Society Conference - Textiles Futures

Last weekend I attended the Textile Futures Conference in London. I was really in awe of all the speakers and can honestly say that I took something away from everyone of them in some form. The link to science with all of the speakers was significant in some way. I was looking forward to hear Carole Collet speak because of my interest in sustainability and was amazed to hear she did not come from a science background but had just experimented herself in her shed. She reminded us that in nature everything has a use and there is not one thing that goes to waste. There is no extreme temperatures or lengthy processes that waste gallons of water, it happens effortlessly and perfectly. The earth takes back all the waste, it breaks it down quickly and efficiently and the cycle continues. Carole takes this concept and uses nature as her inspiration as with some other speakers, using nature as a blueprint. How can we use nature to progress?

Suzanne Lee - Grow you own clothes

Material grown from green tea, sugar, microbes and time.


Tomáš Gabzdil Libertíny - Beeswax Sculpture

Using the power of nature, an expert beekeeper and his bees, designer Tomáš Gabzdil Libertíny created a metal structured before letting the bees take over to takeover and create this masterpiece.

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