12 Oct 2016

GNCCF Manchester

Loved visiting the Great Northern Contemporary Craft fair this year. I  haven't been for a few years now so this was my first time seeing the show in Granada Studios. Some of my favourites this year were Julia Jowett, Mandy Cleveland and Sue Bibby.

I remember Julia and her work from when we both exhibited in the graduate showcase at the Harrogate K&S show. I love the use of materials within Julia's work, the metal combined with stitch and pattern. The embroidery gives them the feeling that they have been around longer than they have whilst the metal, for me, gives them a modern twist which makes them even more enchanting.

This was the first time I have seen any of Mandy's work. I loved the use of brown envelopes and the ripped edges that were unique in each piece. I hate waste and it was so nice to see a one use item worthy of a frame. The drawings were so detailed and the envelopes added to their appeal. It was a perfect marriage of materials and technique. Simple but so effective. Mandy said she liked knowing that the envelope had already been on a journey and served its purpose before it made its way to her. This adds another element of mystery and appeal.

Sue Bibby was such a lovely lady. Being a lover of embroidery myself, there is no way I could have walked past this stand without stopping. Her inspiration from flowers, gardens and plants was especially appealing to me because I love the outdoors. The detail in her work was immense which made them feel real and life like. They brought the outside in. The work that went into these pieces, the texture and individuality of each piece was obvious and made the work more desirable.

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